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Automate outbound emails with

Create personalized messages, schedule emails to your target list in the sequence and with the frequency that you specify and get responses straight to your inbox.

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Email Campaigns

Connecting with your target audience could not be easier.

With you can:

  • Create and send personalised emails to your ideal prospects. You can include the recipient’s name, company name and other specific information that relates to your recipients.
  • Send your email sequences manually or schedule emails to send out at a time and frequency that you specify.
  • Directly integrate your Gmail and Outlook account with so responses will go straight to your inbox.
  • Add recipients one at a time or upload your contact list.

Response Reports

Learn which leads to focus on by capturing important insights with

Download reports at any time or you can preset a date for an automatic report to be generated. This ensures that you can keep track of open rates, replies and bounces.

Use this valuable information to follow up with your highest quality leads to get more calls and meetings booked.

Email Templates

With you can save your preferred emails to ‘Email Templates’ so you do not need to rewrite the same email.

This means your email sequence can be quickly and easily accessed and reused for the next list of contacts’.

Personalize and edit these templates to ensure they are the right message for your target list to help increase your response rates.

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